Pig & Poultry Production

ANSI201 P2

Prerequisite Modules: BIOL101.

Aim: To enable students to solve problems encountered in pig and poultry production.

Content: Applied anatomy and physiology of male and female fowl. Environmental control of ovulation in hens. Management of pullet, broiler, broiler breeder and pig production systems. Economic factors influencing management decisions in broiler, egg and pork production. Pig and poultry welfare.

Practicals: Anatomy of a chicken, visit different pig and poultry production systems.

Assessment: Essays (12.5%), development of spreadsheet models (12.5%), oral & written presentations (7.5%), practical reports (7.5%), participation in debate on animal welfare issues (5%), formal tests (5%); 3 h exam (50%).

DP Requirement: Class mark of 40%, including at least 80% attendance at practicals.

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